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Our Strategy

Our strategy?




The world's largest, longest, and fastest ocean liner to ever be constructed. She will be the literal vehicle which will propel the Foundation's vision and mission forward, its importance to the successful fruition of those elements is undeniable.


This newbuild will fulfill its own niche within the cruise line industry, a multi-billion dollar and highly competitive market dominated by Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and many others.


Comparatively, the Foundation's operational arm, Titan Line, Ltd, will not differ much from other established lines, as all offer cruises on their respective itineraries, and Cunard, a unit of Carnival, offers the only current trans-Atlantic voyages aboard its Queen Mary 2.


Competitively, Titan Line, Ltd. will offer two distinct advantages over all other cruise line heavyweights. First, Titan will enter service from day one debt-free. She'll be paid for. Second, Titan herself.


Today's cruise ships, while packed with all the glitz and glamour one could expect from today's world - casinos, outdoor heated pools, thumping nightclubs, and endless entertainment, shopping, and dining options, cannot and never will be in the same league as ships of the golden age of ship travel between the United States and Europe.


Outwardly, the vast majority of these cruise ships are quite unsightly to the majority of liner enthusiasts and historians when compared to the sleek lines of a Titanic, Queen Mary, Normandie, and United States - among many others. These vessels aren't truly ships, but little more than powered floating hotel barges, offering their customers no character whatsoever.


Titan will be a sleek greyhound, a grandchild to all great liners past, with all of the modern amenities today's demanding cruiser expects with a twist. She'll offer those perks while blending them with the luxury and opulence of the past. And with her ground-breaking design, exteriorally, she'll look very close to her inspiration - Titanic. With her many public spaces she'll evoke memories of Titanic in living colorful detail.


With an onboard museum dedicated to Titanic and other great liners as well, she will offer yet another advantage.


Titan will be available to the general public for affordable onboard tours at all of her ports of call. And she will offer affordable overnight all-inclusive "Voyages to Nowhere" (c) from those port calls so the average citizen can experience what it was like to be aboard Titanic for an evening - an industry first.


All of this and more aboard the world's largest liner ...           

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