The Time is Now ...

Harland & Wolff's massive cranes - Samson and Goliath. It's time to put them back to work!

Dear Supporters,

The long-held dream of many has reached its critical point in time regarding our proposed tribute to the RMS Titanic - Titan.

Our organization started with a dream, a vision, to pull Titanic's memory into the new century. To be forever honored through a newbuild, Titan - a vessel that would accomplish that by giving back to the world through the revenue earned through her service, by saving and improving the lives of sick and needy children worldwide, rather than stuffing ill-gotten gains into the pockets of wealthy investors.

Titan's progress has admittedly been slow, and as Chairman, I am personally responsible for that.

Stated goals have been continuously delayed and pushed back. Funding sources have been tapped and exhausted, mostly from my personal income. By law, I am only a servant to this ideal and cannot, nor have ever, been paid to do this job. It is my legacy project, fueled by my sincerest of desires to make a major difference in saving these children's lives, while also preserving Titanic's memory through the historic and educational platform that Titan will soon become.

However, I cannot do it alone. I need immense help from those who believe in this project. I need help from the millions of Titanic and ocean liner enthusiasts worldwide. I need help from all those committed to leaving this world in better shape than how we found it.

That time has arrived. Simply put, Titan is very very close to becoming a reality. The Foundation wants to move forward with her initial design through Titanic's designer and builder - Harland & Wolff Heavy Industries of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

With these completed initial design and specifications, Titan will officially be given life. And for a mere projected sum of $200,000 (US), this can be accomplished. These plans will give the idea of Titan a solid chance of increasing its exposure and credibility in the eyes of the world, which is certainly needed with a project of this magnitude.

Currently. our Facebook platform has nearly 12,000 supporters, but is a far cry from our envisioned 20 million committed supporters which will be needed to fully finance the full cost of Titan through their donations.

But first things first, we are attempting to raise an initial $350,000 through a crowd-funding effort. This will finance the initial design, cultivate more supporters worldwide, and help with maintaining Foundation related expenditures, including paying for project-related consultants.

The project has gone as far as I can personally take it for now. All pieces to allow for the next phase are in place. We just need the funding.

It is my prayer that you can help. No matter how small the donation. And if unable to make a monetary commitment, it is my hope that you can forward our site and crowd-fund to as many people as you can - every person is important to us.

Thank you for your support, and keep believing!

Full Power Ahead ...

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