Project Titan

General Arrangement   Showing deck plans and preliminary accomodation layouts 
Specifications   Includes principal particulars, main machinery, systems descriptions, acccomodations descriptions, public spaces, etc.

A modern Harland and Wolff design would maximise the use of new technologies, thereby allowing reduced expenditure and operational costs, decreased machinery spaces - which will allow for more cabin  and public spaces, better reliability and passenger comfort, all of this while retaining all the visual appeal and impact of Titanic.


She will look and feel like Titanic, but behind her bulkheads Titan will be ultamodern, safe, efficient, and cost effective in her operations.


This will be in keeping with the spirit of Titanic, just as she was intended to be the finest in her day in every respect - grace, elegance, speed, safety, technologically superior, and innovative ...

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