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To be effective as a non-profit in today's world, with a tightening economy, with the charitable donation becoming ever more scarce in this business sector, it is imperative that sound and smart business decisions are made moving forward. As a new organization, the Foundation will have to work even harder to gain the public trust for precious funding of this important endeavor, while competing against larger more established charities for funding. It is the highest priority for the Foundation's Board of Directors.


To alleviate this pressure, the Foundation recognizes that by entering into strategic partnerships with various well established institutions in the community, will strengthen the concerns of all involved. The Foundation will vigorously pursue many varied relationships, from partnerships, coordination, cooperation, and collaboratives. These agreements, whether close or intermittent will serve to allow the Foundation to grow into a stronger member within its community and sector through the sharing of resources, better organizational ability, and efficiency.


As an organization dedicated to a charitable purpose not only within its community, but one set upon a worldwide stage, the Foundation has a tremendous duty and obligation to fulfill its mission to those dependent upon its success.  

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