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Initial Itinerary

Upon completion, Titan will embark on a rigorous operational schedule which will allow for her to eventually reach virtually every accommodating port worldwide.


During her inaugural season, Titan's maiden voyage will re-trace Titanic's fateful first and last sailing with a "Titanic Memorial Crossing." The planned voyage will make the same port calls as Titanic, originating in Southampton, England and making stops in Cherbourg, France and Cobh, Ireland.


En route, Titan will pause upon reaching Titanic's resting place in the North Atlantic Ocean at the precise time Titanic struck the iceberg - 11:40 PM. Titan will remain at the site until 8:50 AM the following morning - the precise time rescue ship Carpathia departed the location with Titanic's survivors the morning of April 15, 1912.


During this stop, it is anticipated that a live worldwide audience will witness a moving tribute performed aboard Titan presented by the Foundation honoring the victims of the tragedy - from those lost, to those saved, and the families of all involved.


Following completion of her historic maiden voyage at New York, Titan will continue her itinerary, which will bring her to ports in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.

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